Adv MK Irani


There should be a High Court Bench in Pune. We have been asking for this since 1978. One can clearly notice that high pendency makes this a need of the day. This is not merely desirable to the advocates who protested for the cause, but it is the need of the people, the requirement of all the residents of Pune and we proudly represent them all.

Some of the Prominent lawyers of Pune who are leading this protest are :

  • Adv. Girish Shedge, President of Pune Bar Association
  • Adv. K R Shah
  • Adv. Shri. Avhad
  • Adv. P. Narayan
  • Adv. Heramb Ganu, Vice President of Pune Bar Association
  • Adv. Milind Pawar
  • Adv. Niyanta Shah
  • Adv. Pradeep Lamba
  • Adv. Rajendra Umap, Ex-President of Pune Bar Association
  • Adv. Mangesh Shah
  • Adv. Vinay Bajpai
  • Adv. Nikhil Deshpande
  • Adv. Shrikant Malegaonkar
  • Adv. Parag Kulkarni
  • Adv. Shivaji Deshmukh
  • Adv. Suhas Pharade