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Indemnity - Agreements

Indemnity – Agreements

  • Deed Of Indemnity With Sureties To The Company For Transfer Of Shares Without Insisting For Succession Certificate, Etc.
  • Deed Of Indemnity By The Partner Retaining Assets And Liabilities To A Partner On The Dissolution Of The Partnership Firm.
  • Deed Of Indemnity By The Seller Of A Flat To The Purchaser About The Defence In Title.
  • Indemnity By Heirs For Release Of Provident Funds, Gratuity Of A Deceased Employee Without Production Of Legal Representation.
  • Indemnity Given To The Bank By The Natural Guardian Of Minor Children.
  • Letter Of Guarantee And Indemnity.
  • Indemnity Given To Bank For Issue Of A Duplicate Bank Draft.
  • Indemnity By A Land Owner Whose Title Is In Dispute.
  • Indemnity For Loss Of Title Deeds.
  • Indemnity By Debtor To His Guarantor.
  • Indemnity For Loss Of Deposit Receipt.
  • Indemnity For Title.
  • Indemnity For Loss Of Allotment Letter.